The Reality Dating Podcast

Flying Solo Dating Podcast

Sick of the online dating game? Jump on board with Flying Solo – the Reality Dating Podcast where we feature Arizona’s first-class singles and match them up.

Each episode we will feature one single and bring in three matches for them. Who will they pick to take on a date? Will the relationship take off? Or, will it crash and burn?

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The Hosts

A pilot and 3 former contestants from ABC’s “The Bachelor” are getting ready to take off and take YOU on a dating adventure.

So, if you’re navigating life alone and are looking for your copilot, jump on board with Flying Solo – The Reality Dating Podcast. Get ready to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Some turbulence may be expected.

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Sick of singles with bad altitude? Want to land a date and take off in a relationship?

Submit a brief video of yourself telling us who you are, what you are looking for in a copilot, and why you should be featured as a first-class single.

Submit your info below. We look forward to flying with you!  Welcome aboard!

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